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News, Documents and Archives
Sept 2016: Planning Commission Hearing - 30' height limit, Hearing 9/22/16


Board Approved Documents and Letters
2/15/18 Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan Update Draft Program EIR
2/15/18 Roseville Height and Bulk CPIOZ Proposal
1/18/18 Voltaire and Froude Traffic/Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety
1/18/18 Five Dangerous Intersections
12/6/17 Incentive Based Zoning Proposal
11/17/17 Map Waiver Process for Multifamily Projects
11/16/17 Continuation of Airport ANAC SubCommittee
10/23/17 Letter to Councilmember Zapf Supporting Lot Parcel Consolidation
7/20/17 Planning Area Boundary Projects Policy Proposal
6/15/17 Letter to Councilmember Zapf on Need of Affordable / Work Force Housing
6/15/17 Coastal Height Limit Letter to Coastal Commission
11/18/16 PCPB letter to City of SD on PLHS Whole Site Moderization Project
9/1/16 Letter to Mayor Faulconer on 3144 Emerson Street Construction Project
Notice of Right to Appeal Documents
4/25/2018 4537 Newport Avenue CDP/NDP/Project No. 525711
4/24/2018 Slurry Seal Group 1901
March 2015, News on Annual Election
U.S. Border Patrol Info on Indicators of Maritime Criminal Activity & Reporting Contact
U.S. Navy Defense Fuel Support Point (DFSP) April, 2007 Newsletter
City Planning & Community Investment (CPCI) Department’s Spring 2011 e-newsletter, PlanIt San Diego
Wireless Information from 12/18/08 PCPB Board Meeting Letter - Report
Shelter Island Entrance Corridor - Port of San Diego redevelopment plan
7/11/07 Port Agenda - Full Agenda item - Shelter Island projects - Comment card
U.S. Navy Defense Fuel Support Point (DFSP) April Newsletter

San Diego Unified Enviromental Review of PLHS lights
PLHS Draft Environmental Report on Site Moderization
NOP EIR PLHS Whole Site Moderization/Athletic Facility Upgrades

PCPB Support Letter for grocery store to replace Fresh & Easy

PCPB Stance on 10th Update to Land Development Code

Hawaii-Southern California Training and Testing EIS/OEIS Tuesday 12/1/15 Flyer

Neighborhood Parking Protection Ordinance (Oversized Vehicles) is now in effect. Read it Here

US Navy Miramar Pipeline Repair Project - 12/3/14 Meeting Flyer - PCPB Letter


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